About the Illustrator:

So, apparently you were interested enough to try and find out just a little bit more about who this illustrator is. Well, unfortunately for you, this illustrator just happens to be a socially-inept recluse, so the chances are that you will never really find out that much about him.

On the bright side, he also happens to be a dreadfully boring individual, so you aren't really missing out on anything in particular - no interesting hobbies, no heart-wrenching personal tales, no unintentional tendencies towards manic/psychotic behaviour (though that may be debatable). All that you need to know is that he can draw and paint (or at least, he likes to think that he can), and that he has an aptitude for trying (and more often than not, failing) to write in a humorous and somewhat depressing manner with a general overuse of parenthesis (he'll work on that... possibly).

Oh, and it's probably helpful to know that his name is Tze-Chiang Lim. I guess he can't avoid giving out that particular detail. Don't think to hard on the pronunciation - he can barely say it himself.


Contact Details:

For questions, queries, requests, or anything else (please hold on the complaints - that particular sector of our customer services facility seems to be on a permanent hiatus), please contact us (me really) at:

tze.chiang.lim@gmail.com (or just click on that little envelope at the bottom of the page)

(You could also try to click on the Facebook link, but the illustrator feels the need to inform you that the chances are that it will lead you to a dead page. He really will try to work on that, eventually)