Hello out there (or a beginning that began quite late)

So I have come to realize that this so-called-blog seems to be more of a second gallery of illustrations rather than a blog, in that I don't actually talk (or rather write) about anything except the accompanying illustration. Which is, of course, perfectly acceptable for an illustration blog, but as the passages are never particularly insightful or illuminating, they might as well not be there. Which then means that the whole blog becomes rather redundant - what with the illustrations being far more easily viewed in the link just to the right. So my conclusions are that:

1. I should probably try to be a bit more personal in my writings (which was actually the original intent, but I always seem to have trouble with that)

2. I should also probably go into a bit more detail about my illustrations. If that's all I want to write about.

3. No one other than me probably cares, but I do, so I'm going to do something about it.

Seeing that there seem to be at least a few people who have ignored advice and indulged their curiosity by visiting my website (those poor cats), I just thought it was about time I started taking this blogging thing seriously.

And don't worry, this will still pretty much be only about illustrations, so it'll be pretty easy to ignore me still and simply look at the, subjectively speaking, somewhat pretty pictures if that's all that concerns you. (Isn't alliteration great. If you don't happen to think so, I humbly apologize for my heinous use of such horrid, hellish hogwash.)

So with that all said, what I really wanted to say was,

Hello out there, and welcome to my blog!

(oh and thank you for visiting too).