This is just a quick, somewhat messy (somewhat really messy), illustration from my sketchpad going with the theme of 'natural', which is a somewhat recurring theme for me - this actually has a lot to do with my aversion to drawing straight lines and using a ruler (can't abide them).

I'll try to actually plan out my next illustration just a bit more, i.e. I will actually sketch out the idea first. Ah, all the things they drill into your head in Uni that just gently float away as time passes. Which is kinda sad as good process is the only thing that I really learnt, illustration-wise, from my uni degree - not really true, just an example of hyperbole (sorry, just trying to keep these things in my brain as a reminder before I forget - it just means exaggeration essentially if you weren't sure)

Now for the obligatory little passage (well its an obligation to me anyway and yes I do overuse parentheses):

The soft rustling leaves, the crisp, crunching walk
The blinding red, the welcoming browns
The whispering breeze, the sleeping trees
A time of change for all