Under the Trees, Beneath the Mask

The finished product of an illustration I started weeks ago (that, my ever negligible readers, is what can be described as true dedication to a craft). While I don't think it's completely terrible, I am starting to pinpoint exactly what I need to improve on - that is, actual proper watercolour painting, facial expression, perspective (though I'm honestly not that concerned about this one. If I wanted proper perspective I would take a photo), textures, etc (I could literally go on for another paragraph or two).

Something to look forward to in the future I suppose.

(Also as a note this is the second time writing all this - somehow I lost my original post so this one is just slightly less positive. I'm sure you will understand and forgive me)


Beneath the trees o' so fair, the silence o' so soft
A grasping hand came begging, 'Please maiden lend your palm'
Blackened eyes and golden crown, with courage she did give
A gift to this ghost, this wraith, a mask of loving faith.