Nothin' really much, but just to let you know...

Like the title says, I don't actually have much to show, it's just one piece of work-in-progress (of something that I actually showed over a month ago. Hoorah for hard work and dedication...).

No, what really happened was that I somehow managed to, in my opinion, completely mess up the watercolour aspect of the illustration (which is something I am actually surprised doesn't happen more often considering my absentee skill level), so I decided to start the illustration again as a digital painting instead - mainly because it took me a week to do the ink linework in the first place and I was never happy with that aspect as well anyway. Plus, it gives me a chance to brush up on my Photoshop skills seeing as I haven't done any real Photoshop illustrations since last year.

Regardless this is what I was working on:

And this is what I am working on (sort of... It's kinda on a bit of hiatus caused by severe depression and hopelessness and because I'm trying to do more illustrations that are relevant to me):

So, what I'm trying to say essentially, is that you shouldn't expect any miracles. My digital art as always been lacking in style just a bit. While my ink and watercolour illustrations have style but little real skill (OK, some skill but not much), my digital illustrations have what I like to of as; some competency in skill, but absolutely no style whatsoever. I'll try to work on it for this illustration though. Dabble and experiment just a bit to see what I like. Find a digital illustrator whose style I admire rather than whose skill I admire. Try to approach it differently from a technical perspective. use a different brush style.

See you when this is done (next year probably, December if you're lucky). I'll probably have some of the other illustrations I'm working on done within the next few weeks instead.