An Eternity it Seemed, or at least an Age

Just to show that I am actually doing something every week I have decided to, once again, show my slow-going progress on that underwater illustration with the octopus. It is actually turning out better than I thought (which isn't saying much, but still... Yay?) despite a few days of agonizing on how I was going to illustrate it (style-wise), which I solved by simply not caring what how it will end up and simply treating it like an experiment/practice in digital painting technique.

And so, before I inevitably start writing a novel's worth of writing, this is what I've 'finished' so far:

Man underwater
Dragon's Bride

Yeah... So, it's nothing amazing, but I am pretty happy with how the clothes on the woman turned out even if it probably doesn't make sense. And I will try to fix that rather unfortunate spear that the guy is holding. And even more unfortunately, those two figures is all that came about in almost a weeks worth of illustrating. Now let's zoom out a bit to put this into perspective.


Yep... Now I remember why I disliked doing illustrations like this in Uni. It just takes so long for me to make it look good because I insist on zooming up real close to put in details that you can't even see when you zoom out (generally on the people), which inevitably leads to me rushing the greater background, which subsequently leads to a sub-standard image. And yes all those blue squiggles around that ruined boat are all people that I need to draw.

So essentially what all this boils down to is my solemn promise that I will post the finished image by the end of the year (oh, apparently I'm in an optimistic mood today).

Oh, and on reflection, I also promise to try to prevent my inevitable lapse into constant moaning about my failures in future posts. I swear that I am a positive upbeat person in real life, whether anyone realises it or not (ah, the lies we tell ourselves).