A Couple of Cranes and a bit more

So this is the last of the animal paintings that I've been doing, depicting a couple of cranes. The basic idea for this painting, which wasn't actually from an actual photo like the other two, was the idea of longevity, which is what cranes symbolize in Chinese culture. So essentially I crammed in as many symbols of longevity into the painting as possible. The pines (and they are meant to be Chinese pine trees), the nine lotuses (with the nine being the main symbol), and the tiny peach floating in the water (and it is a peach just so you know). There's also a few more symbols such as the waterfall (wealth flowing in), the lotus pads (purity? or something). So... Yeah, lots of things that I only have a small understanding of.

I have to say, doing these three paintings was actually a lot of fun, and while I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out I'm pretty happy with what I achieved. Turns out if you can use one medium you can transition to others without too much trouble - though obviously technically speaking there's a lot that could be better (and I wasted a lot of paint doing these).