Which Witch Did Stitch in a Ditch?

Please excuse that title. I know... It is quite awful isn't it?

But, as promised, here is the linework for my second witch illustration (and yes, they are supposed to be witches). I suppose I should now promise to deliver the third illustration by next week, just to keep some momentum going (and so I don't end up leaving it for another half a year). And I also suppose that I should give some sort of explanation for these illustrations, rather than just shoving them into your faces and leaving it there to, hopefully, soak into your brains through some sort of osmosis, but more likely to simply slide off into that rather vacant and confusing part of oblivion.

To keep it short, I wrote a short story about three witches when I was in uni, and I quite liked the idea of those three witches, so I decided to illustrate them... That was actually shorter than I had planned, but I guess that's pretty much all there is to it.

She lived her life in the hours that lay within each minute that lay within each second - a rather lonesome place to live.