And Cinderella Lived Happily Ever After?

Maybe not... So my second fairy tale illustration collapsed in on itself in a spectacular fashion (well not that spectacular, but it did sort of crumble away). The inked illustration itself was looking okay if you excuse the wobbliness (which I swear is intentional), but the watercolour work I did... I don't mean to sound too down on myself, but it's quite simply terrible beyond all hope.

It's perhaps not so bad as that, but it's still pretty bad. I'm not sure what I was going for with the colours (actually I do, but it's too embarrassing for me to mention it because I went way off target), but the whole red orange thing is clearly not working. And the whole halo effect around the trees seemed like a good idea when I was starting, but clearly it was not

Yeah, I might just come back to ye old Cinderella at a later date. Moving on...