Path, Trail, Track


Well then... Apparently I have forgotten the exact colouration of toadstools. I knew that they were red and white (who doesn't), but thanks to my vast and expansive knowledge in the subject of things-everyone-knows I decided that they were white mushrooms with red spots (which is wrong), rather than red mushrooms with with spots (which is right). What makes this worse is that I have drawn toadstools before and I did have them as red with white spots, so I have no idea what happened here. Oh well, these are just another type of mushroom and it was all intentional, I swear...

Also, feel free ignore the direction the little guy (gnome? whatever he is) is looking towards. You'll probably find that he seems to have a rather unhealthy fascination with that bush on the left. And while you're ignoring that, please go ahead and ignore that black hole shaped somewhat like a tree that threatens to shortly envelop the whole image (see, this is what happens when I don't fully think an image through).