Home, Love, and a Little Bit of Magic

A place of comfort, a place of warmth
A place of safety, where yet battles are fought
A place of dreams with the lights and shades that come
And above all, a place to call home


So a little bit more of sentimentality from me, but I do believe I wrote something earlier about trying to get a bit more emotion into my illustrations, so a little bit of sentimentality was bound to crop up. Also this illustration, and possibly the illustrations to come, will belong to a very rare, very select club that is; illustrations-I-drew-that-are-set-in-a-modern-era. If you view this kind-of vintage setting as being modern (which I do, because anything after World War I is modern for me). So basically my aim is to do some illustrations that are semi-modern, that aren't based on fairy tales or a book that I've read... What a stretch for me. I am quite honestly uncertain on how I'll manage... Though I suppose it's a testament to my stubbornness that they'll all probably look pretty much the same as what I always do.