The Six Swans


Okay, next up is The Six Swans, which is slightly more obscure than the others, I guess. It's also been a while since I've done an outdoor scene like this, with a sky, a foreground, midground and background. It also doesn't have draped cloth or leaves framing the image, so I'm fairly happy with it (just because I wasn't sure I could pull it off).

It's also another illustration I've technically done before (along with that Rapunzel one), and I think it's still safe to say that it's a bit better (just a bit).

As you can see, I've pretty much been stealing the basic ideas of these illustrations on stuff I've done before just to save a bit of time. I'll probably only do one more of these fairy tale illustrations and then I'll try something different, just because I think I need a bit of variety right now.