A Year Gone By

So another year has passed us by, and another birthday come and gone. It has me wondering about how society tends to see this passing of time. People seem to be terrified of getting older, some are even worried about approaching the mid-twenties, which, for your information, is not old. When your birthday comes around, people will always make fun of how old you're getting. And while the majority are not necessarily being serious, it still shows how the link between getting older as a negative has been ingrained in our brains.

It makes you wonder. Why? Why do people see being older as being a negative. When did the word old turn into an almost derogatory term? Especially when aging should be something that we are grateful for. When I think of all the people that never made it my particular age, I choose to be grateful. When I think of everything I have learnt over the past year, I am proud. When I look back at each year I think, 'What can I do this year.'

Not every year is a good year, but I am still happy, no matter what, that I had that year to experience.