So, this illustration actually turned out better than I was expecting (and I didn't even plan it). For something that started out as a simple sketch to merely practise my pen and ink 'skills', it seems to have worked out a lot better than some of my other illustrations. I don't even know what this image is depicting. Who is the man coming out of the smoke? What is the significance of that horn? Why is that man's collar bone so strange? Why is his head so big? Who knows (certainly not me). But it seems to worked out okay, which is a very unusual thing for me to say about my own illustration.



So this time I was trying to use a colour palette that I normally don't use (just so you know I did not succeed. Thank god for Photoshop) with a more sparse background (which might be more laziness than anything else). That said, it is fun to try new techniques and styles - like always - so even though I don't think I was entirely successful, it's still time well spent (I think that may be the most positive statement I've ever made... Feels strange).

Just a little something... Or possibly just a bit more

WARNING: This is a rather long post - generally because of images but still, if you're short on time, feel free to close down my site. I won't blame you and there will be no hard feelings (mainly because I won't know)

So, I've been working on a series of illustrations in my spare time (which is rather abundant I must add) and I must say that;

1. these are taking a frightfully long time to do (as always), especially considering that there are 18 of these to do.
2. I have far to much time on my hands.
3. I still kinda wish I could work a bit faster (or more efficiently rather) so I could focus on things that need to be focused on (like getting jobs).

Anyway so these are the illustrations (4 of 18, but I have done 5 in reality, honest):

To give you a little bit of background, just in case you were wondering (which, I realise, you probably weren't), the idea for these illustrations actually originates from my time at university.

Imagine, if you will, your first year of university (well third really, but the first two don't really count, in my opinion. I mean engineering. What was I thinking?). The assignment: to do anything you want really, and I'm not joking... anything you wanted.

So you decide, yeah, let's do a children's book in around 8 weeks. You can write a short poem, sure, do some illustrations - even though you've never really done backgrounds, never really done colour before and you've only just begun to learn how to use Photoshop - it'll be easy (well I never thought it would be easy, I just really wanted to do it). And this is the result:


Now admittedly, for a first year illustration student, they actually aren't that terrible (you find out quickly that a lot of the people doing a design course can't draw... at all), but still even at the time I knew that I could do better. I was still proud that I did it, everything considered, but I did wonder at times why other people were so impressed. I mean I could understand why my family were so impressed, they're family, they have to be. But basically at that point - first year, first semester - I realised that this was really what I wanted to do. I mean, I already knew that I was going to be drawing my whole life, but before that moment I thought it would mainly be doodles across my office desk.

Anyway so now that I've been out of uni for around about half a year now, I thought that I would revisit the first assignment that I really worked my ass off for and see what I could do with that same idea. I'm hoping I got better (and I'm thinking that I did), but who knows really. All I know is that, regardless of what happens with my not yet quite formed illustration career, I'm glad that I know that there is something that I have been able to carry with me from when I was a child till now (I am rather deliberately avoiding the word 'adult' 'cos who knows when that'll happen. Hopefully never).


This... is a dragon. A badly cropped dragon, but still a dragon. Obviously more of an Chinese dragon than a European one, and for a 'quick' illustration it sure took long to do.

She spirals out into the sky, her fangs bared and eyes wild. Fragile cries from just beyond bring strength to her final flight. She knows that she must fight. The final ancients of this world, the end has come at last.