Well, following my fairy tale theme, I decided to illustrate Rapunzel, which I actually illustrated before (albeit much less successfully). Obviously there is one glaring problem with this image (well, hopefully there is only one), and that is that, how on earth does the Rapunzel's hair support the witch, who obviously has some kind of giant blood in her. The answer is obviously that Rapunzel has an incredibly strong set of hair, and a deceptively strong neck.

And in case you were wondering what my earlier illustration of Rapunzel looked like;

rapunzel 2

I wish I could it was done a long time ago, but it was actually only a few years ago. In my defence it was part of a three week assignment when I was at uni, and I had to do it alongside 24 other illustrations (also part of that same assignment) which is why it looks a bit rough. The good news is that I'm fairly certain I can say that I've improved a lot since then, which is always reassuring and encouraging. If I can improve that much in less than 3 years, then hopefully I can continue to improve in the future, which is why I always keep all my illustrations (I still have some that I drew when I was in primary school and no, I won't show those - I mean look how bad I was a couple of years ago, imagine what I was like 15 years ago).

Snow White and the... Stars?

So the stars aren't that important to the scene, but still... They are there aren't they?


Anyway, I've just been attempting to do some fairy tale illustrations, mainly because I don't have to think too much on what to draw (and I have several volumes of fairy tales, so it's convenient too).

I think for the next illustration, I'll try to include a few more details, and if trees are involved, a more detailed bark pattern (and possibly some stippling - just a bit and the ground).



So, this illustration isn't actually a watercolour illustration. I did about half of the inking thinking along the way, ' this ink feels strange', 'the consistency seems strange', 'why is it more translucent than normal', 'why is it translucent at all', 'why is the packaging different' and so on, only to actually look at the jar and see the words, 'non-waterproof ink'...

Sooo, what you see is pretty much all done on Photoshop, excluding the linework. I do like it though. I think it's one of my best uses of a colour palette that isn't gold.

A Little Something Different

So I fear that my last couple of entries have been both brief and somewhat depressing in nature. Don't worry, it's just a faze that we 'artists' tend to go through; periods where we just hate everything that we produce. I'll get over it eventually (well, I've been going through for years, but I'm still hopeful that I can get it all sorted eventually). In the meantime, like I said in my last post, I'm probably just going to do all sorts of illustrations. They won't necessarily represent the kind of illustrations that I want to do on a regular basis, simply the kind of illustrations that I feel I need to try right now (to see if I can use anything to make my illustrations better than they currently are).

Also, as a sort of disclaimer, because they aren't really the kind of illustrations I do normally, they'll probably be quite terrible, so please bear with me.

This one falls under the 'only-plan-the-face-just-wing-the-rest' style of watercolour painting and I must say, even though I am fairly certain that the finished product is quite awful, it was still fun to do.