This... is a dragon. A badly cropped dragon, but still a dragon. Obviously more of an Chinese dragon than a European one, and for a 'quick' illustration it sure took long to do.

She spirals out into the sky, her fangs bared and eyes wild. Fragile cries from just beyond bring strength to her final flight. She knows that she must fight. The final ancients of this world, the end has come at last.


The Journey

I've always been fascinated with the idea of the Frozen Tundra - probably because I, being from Australia, have never really seen proper snowfall (though I have seen a bushfire up close while I was in a car). This illustration is essentially the start of the Hero's Journey, optimistic and resolute. Also, yes, she should be wearing sleeves and gloves, which were actually present in the first iteration of the illustration. I just didn't realize that I hadn't sketched the arms properly until I had inked it.

She stands atop the frozen peaks, waiting as the winds do speak. What must be done now comes to her, she will never let them down.