Picking It Up Again

Well, sort of anyway.

It has been a while since I posted anything (mainly because I was busy for a while, and then, well I'll explain a bit further on), so I thought it was about time that I did, even though I don't really have anything to show besides some works-in-progress.

You see, for some strange reason (or not strange really, as it's what I always do), when I got a bit more free time I decided to do a whole bunch of different illustrations to make up for lost time, deciding as it were to work on them all at the same time, that is sketching them all at one time, then inking them all at one time. The end result is that I haven't finished any of them after a few weeks of working on them, which is why I haven't posted anything, because I'm not that fond of uploading half finished works for no reason (the only reason in my eyes is to go through your process, explaining how you did things, which I never really do). But seeing that it has been a few months, I though I ought to do so anyway.

This isn't all of them, by any means, but I thought I'd show just a few, so that you don't think that I have just been lounging around for months (I have, but still, it isn't a good image to project)


It's the little things...

So, as promised here are some sub-par illustrations for your viewing (the half-finished one will have to be next week, 'cos I didn't find the time to half-finish it... I know, it's sad). I know they're not much, but it's better than nothing, right? Right? I was actually trying to do some quick character art on a weekly basis at some point, and this is as far as I got. In my defence, I only stopped because I was a bit embarrassed at how lacking these illustrations were turning out - I might try this idea out again at some point and just put a little more effort into it, which might defeat the purpose of trying to do 'quick' sketches, but still.


He walked among the leaves and trees, with widened eyes he went
And when at last he reached the end, he saw what he had dreamt


Skin as white as snow, lips red as blood, hair the black of ebony, and a heart as cold as stone.


Death was lonely. That was all that he knew. All that he needed to know. And now, was the time he could do something about that.

An Eternity it Seemed, or at least an Age

Just to show that I am actually doing something every week I have decided to, once again, show my slow-going progress on that underwater illustration with the octopus. It is actually turning out better than I thought (which isn't saying much, but still... Yay?) despite a few days of agonizing on how I was going to illustrate it (style-wise), which I solved by simply not caring what how it will end up and simply treating it like an experiment/practice in digital painting technique.

And so, before I inevitably start writing a novel's worth of writing, this is what I've 'finished' so far:

Man underwater
Dragon's Bride

Yeah... So, it's nothing amazing, but I am pretty happy with how the clothes on the woman turned out even if it probably doesn't make sense. And I will try to fix that rather unfortunate spear that the guy is holding. And even more unfortunately, those two figures is all that came about in almost a weeks worth of illustrating. Now let's zoom out a bit to put this into perspective.


Yep... Now I remember why I disliked doing illustrations like this in Uni. It just takes so long for me to make it look good because I insist on zooming up real close to put in details that you can't even see when you zoom out (generally on the people), which inevitably leads to me rushing the greater background, which subsequently leads to a sub-standard image. And yes all those blue squiggles around that ruined boat are all people that I need to draw.

So essentially what all this boils down to is my solemn promise that I will post the finished image by the end of the year (oh, apparently I'm in an optimistic mood today).

Oh, and on reflection, I also promise to try to prevent my inevitable lapse into constant moaning about my failures in future posts. I swear that I am a positive upbeat person in real life, whether anyone realises it or not (ah, the lies we tell ourselves).

Nothin' really much, but just to let you know...

Like the title says, I don't actually have much to show, it's just one piece of work-in-progress (of something that I actually showed over a month ago. Hoorah for hard work and dedication...).

No, what really happened was that I somehow managed to, in my opinion, completely mess up the watercolour aspect of the illustration (which is something I am actually surprised doesn't happen more often considering my absentee skill level), so I decided to start the illustration again as a digital painting instead - mainly because it took me a week to do the ink linework in the first place and I was never happy with that aspect as well anyway. Plus, it gives me a chance to brush up on my Photoshop skills seeing as I haven't done any real Photoshop illustrations since last year.

Regardless this is what I was working on:

And this is what I am working on (sort of... It's kinda on a bit of hiatus caused by severe depression and hopelessness and because I'm trying to do more illustrations that are relevant to me):

So, what I'm trying to say essentially, is that you shouldn't expect any miracles. My digital art as always been lacking in style just a bit. While my ink and watercolour illustrations have style but little real skill (OK, some skill but not much), my digital illustrations have what I like to of as; some competency in skill, but absolutely no style whatsoever. I'll try to work on it for this illustration though. Dabble and experiment just a bit to see what I like. Find a digital illustrator whose style I admire rather than whose skill I admire. Try to approach it differently from a technical perspective. use a different brush style.

See you when this is done (next year probably, December if you're lucky). I'll probably have some of the other illustrations I'm working on done within the next few weeks instead.