A little dream, a little magic

Dreams of night, dreams of day
Dreams to take you beyond the fray
From light to night, and sun to moon
A quest, with friend, till high the noon

So... I may be continuing my current habit of taking heavy inspiration from illustrations I've already done before (I swear that I'll be putting a stop to that - though it's not just laziness I promise...)

This was what the old illustration looked like, just in case you were interested (which you probably weren't, but I'm going to have to insist on showing you anyway).

Home, Love, and a Little Bit of Magic

A place of comfort, a place of warmth
A place of safety, where yet battles are fought
A place of dreams with the lights and shades that come
And above all, a place to call home


So a little bit more of sentimentality from me, but I do believe I wrote something earlier about trying to get a bit more emotion into my illustrations, so a little bit of sentimentality was bound to crop up. Also this illustration, and possibly the illustrations to come, will belong to a very rare, very select club that is; illustrations-I-drew-that-are-set-in-a-modern-era. If you view this kind-of vintage setting as being modern (which I do, because anything after World War I is modern for me). So basically my aim is to do some illustrations that are semi-modern, that aren't based on fairy tales or a book that I've read... What a stretch for me. I am quite honestly uncertain on how I'll manage... Though I suppose it's a testament to my stubbornness that they'll all probably look pretty much the same as what I always do.

The Sleeping Beauty

So this was what I was working on a couple of weeks ago when I said "one more of these fairy tale illustrations". I then proceeded to put it aside when it was half coloured to work on something else before subsequently coming back to it now. Which may be why the colours in this one are so awful (well, maybe not awful, but not as well thought out as I would have liked). But it's done now, so I can now move on to non-fairy-tale illustrations.

Oh, and just so I don't come across as being too negative, there are some parts of this image that I like (I won't mention them though to give the illusion of optimism)


Okay, next up is The Six Swans, which is slightly more obscure than the others, I guess. It's also been a while since I've done an outdoor scene like this, with a sky, a foreground, midground and background. It also doesn't have draped cloth or leaves framing the image, so I'm fairly happy with it (just because I wasn't sure I could pull it off).

It's also another illustration I've technically done before (along with that Rapunzel one), and I think it's still safe to say that it's a bit better (just a bit).

As you can see, I've pretty much been stealing the basic ideas of these illustrations on stuff I've done before just to save a bit of time. I'll probably only do one more of these fairy tale illustrations and then I'll try something different, just because I think I need a bit of variety right now.