A little dream, a little magic

Dreams of night, dreams of day
Dreams to take you beyond the fray
From light to night, and sun to moon
A quest, with friend, till high the noon

So... I may be continuing my current habit of taking heavy inspiration from illustrations I've already done before (I swear that I'll be putting a stop to that - though it's not just laziness I promise...)

This was what the old illustration looked like, just in case you were interested (which you probably weren't, but I'm going to have to insist on showing you anyway).

Gong Xi Fa Cai

So no new illustration today (because I'm slow and lazy basically), but I just wanted to wish people a happy new year. Or a happy Chinese new year I should probably add, just in case you were wondering why I was talking about the new year a month after it actually happened.

Anyway so think happy thoughts, smile and good luck for the rest of the year.

Home, Love, and a Little Bit of Magic

A place of comfort, a place of warmth
A place of safety, where yet battles are fought
A place of dreams with the lights and shades that come
And above all, a place to call home


So a little bit more of sentimentality from me, but I do believe I wrote something earlier about trying to get a bit more emotion into my illustrations, so a little bit of sentimentality was bound to crop up. Also this illustration, and possibly the illustrations to come, will belong to a very rare, very select club that is; illustrations-I-drew-that-are-set-in-a-modern-era. If you view this kind-of vintage setting as being modern (which I do, because anything after World War I is modern for me). So basically my aim is to do some illustrations that are semi-modern, that aren't based on fairy tales or a book that I've read... What a stretch for me. I am quite honestly uncertain on how I'll manage... Though I suppose it's a testament to my stubbornness that they'll all probably look pretty much the same as what I always do.